Crown Melbourne offers two gorgeous rooms for weddings that we Wedding Hire Melbourne have been part of  the River Room and the Garden Room on Level 1 at Crown Towers in adjacent to the prestigious Pallidum Room known for its amazing events such as TV Week Logie Awards and Brownlow Medal.

The Garden Room is a lovely room for ceremonies offering a stage for couples to exchange their vows.  We have had the pleasure in offering additional styling to our clients in various forms in offering 18 meters of carpet to create a stylish aisle to walk down from one end of the room to the other and creating backdrops for the ceremony to maximise their full potential.

The River Room offers very similar opportunities but allows for longer aisle in comparison.  Offering about 20 to 25 meters in length truely presents that grand entrance for any couple.

The perfect indoor ceremony location protects against outside weather constraints as well offering seating for small as well as large guests lists. 

Crown is a well secured venue that requires outside companies such as wedding vendors / suppliers to go through an induction process for OHS as well as police checks for back of house access which we have completed as part of Crowns requirements.  We also adhere to Crowns’s policies in making sure that safety is priority for parties involved.

We have attached some photo’s of some of our lovely weddings that we have been part of at Crown 

  • Products used in creating 
  • White Carpet Runners 
  • Red Carpet Runners
  • High Gloss Pedestals 
  • Fresh Flowers 
  • Copper Arch 
  • White Tiffany Chairs 



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