Blue Wedding Themes

Blue wedding themes are timeless.  With so many stunning shades of blue to choose from, you can’t put a foot wrong.

So what do you prefer?  Pale blue, sky blue and cobalt are all popular shades.  What about turquoise or navy?  Every blue girl has her own shade, the blue that she connects with the most.

Any blue shade can make a wonderful accent or trim colour, but don’t rule out bringing your soft blue tones to the forefront.  Delicate blues can make a gorgeous bridal gown statement.  After all, why should everyone else get all the colour fun?

Rich navy is ideal for a traditional wedding, while brighter blues such as cobalt or turquoise have a lively tone that brings smiles to the faces of your guests.  Ice or pale blue are great for those who want to bring some subtle colour to their big day.

If you have decided on a beach wedding, blue should be a front-runner when it comes to colour choice.  The blue of the water, the white sandy beach, and sunny skies – blue is the perfect complement to your beach-themed day.

Whatever your shade of choice, check out our range of blue hire products to tie your wedding theme together!