Gold Wedding Themes

Rich, classic gold.  Traditionally, gold has been the precious metal of choice when it comes to wedding and engagement rings.  When you think of gold, it can immediately conjure up images of wealth, luxury and wedding bands!

But gold doesn’t have to stop with our ring fingers!  A gold wedding themes are a wonderful way for couples to say I Do, especially when they love a bit of Hollywood flair or elegant impact.

And what sort of gold do you choose?  You can bring the metallic gold of your jewellery into the rest of the wedding theme, with gold satin, and metallic cake decorations.

Perhaps gold of the glittery type is more your thing, weaving shimmering gold through your floral arrangements, or adding some gold bling to shoes, headpieces or other accessories.

Gold wedding styles are perfect for rustic weddings, and is brilliant for adding some extra glamour to natural and rustic designs.

The key to a beautiful gold wedding is elegance.  Using subtle gold accents to enhance the overall look can result in a gorgeous fairy-tale effect.  Think gold elements woven through centrepieces or flowers.

The gold tone you choose is crucial.  Every shade of gold creates a different look and feel.  So… are you a dark, bright or rose gold girl?

Let the team at Wedding Hire Melbourne guide you through the process of creating your gold wedding!