Red Wedding Themes

A red-themed wedding is a true statement!  There is nothing more vibrant and passionate than rich, luxurious red.

Do you love red and the idea of incorporating it into your wedding day?  There are many ways to do this.  Let red set the tone for your garden, tropical or rustic wedding.  By strategically choosing how and where you use it, and what shades to use, you can create a gorgeous scene by integrating red into your theme, or go for the Wow factor and let red speak for itself!

You could make a quiet statement with red accents.  Imagine a white dress with red embroidery, white flowers with red ribbons and accent flowers.  Perhaps even a pair of red shoes peeping out from under your skirt… your very own ruby slippers.

An even bolder statement could include red bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as accessories for the groom and his sidekicks.

When it comes to floral arrangements, red is a smart choice – there are so many flowers in different shades of red, and so many types to choose from, that you’ll have trouble deciding.

If red is your colour of choice, we can help you with your red décor needs, from napkins and chair sashes, to the perfect red carpet.

Are you a scarlet girl?  Ruby red?  Or even a deep maroon fan?  Whatever red you favour, the team at Wedding Hire Melbourne has you covered.