Orange Wedding Themes

An orange wedding theme is one that brings joy to every beholder!  Nothing encourages big smiles and lively celebration more than the colour orange.

Orange often gets overlooked when colour palette decisions are being made.  If you love a stunning, vibrant feel, then you should consider orange for your wedding!  It is brilliant for any garden, tropical or rustic wedding.  Set against backdrops of greenery or white, orange pops in a way that other colours can’t compete with.

There are so many wonderful tones of orange to choose from – you’ll have trouble deciding which one is your favourite!  Soft hues such as marigold and honey tones are a lovely, joyful palette for any wedding. If you love something brighter, tangerine or fire orange might be more your style!

Orange can create bold, happy floral arrangements as well.  There are plenty of tropical-style flowers to choose from that can make your beach or tropical wedding a standout affair.  Lilies, daisies and gerberas are all popular wedding flowers that make for unique and exquisite bouquets.

If orange is your colour of choice, we can help you with your orange wedding décor needs.  Whatever orange is your hue of choice, the team at Wedding Hire Melbourne has you covered.