White Wedding Themes

White-themed weddings are anything but dull!  They are exquisite, standout weddings, and it takes a lot of planning and careful coordination to do it well.

Every choice must be precise.  To make a white wedding unique and unforgettable, you need to combine and layer textures perfectly for an overall effect.  The end result can be a sweet, romantic event that takes everyone’s breath away.

If you are a white wedding bride, what textures do you choose?  Lace or embroidery?  Pearl or crystal beading?  Satin or crepe?  And this is just your bridal gown!

Not all whites are created equally.  There are so many different shades of white; you might have a hard time deciding!  Snow white, ivory, eggshell, vanilla… make sure you choose your shade carefully and keep it consistent.

While you are layering your textures for the perfect white wedding, let us take care of the backdrop.  Subtle natural floral arches, delicate white-themed centrepieces and fairy lights can create a romantic wonderland effect.

At Wedding Hire Melbourne, we have some of the most beautiful white pieces for hire, including centrepieces, tableware and pristine white carpets.

We know how to make your main features pop, even if you haven’t chosen an accent colour!

Take a look at our arches, lighting effects and giant LOVE letters for more white wedding inspiration.