How To Avoid Conflict When Planning A Wedding

Getting married is one of the most wonderful times in any relationship. 

Preparing for this special day cannot only be wonderful, stressful and exciting but can certainly cause some major conflict, jealousy, financial strain for example.

There are many types of conflict in preparing for a wedding whether it is between the:

  • Bride and groom 
  • Bride and Bride
  • Groom and Groom
  • Bride/Groom and Mother
  • Bride/Groom and Father 
  • Bride/Groom and  In Law to Be
  • Bride and Bridesmaids 
  • Groom and Groomsmen
  • Brides Family and Grooms family
  • Bride/Groom and Groomsmen   
  • Bride and Groom Siblings

The conflict may arise just because a  general question is asked  but if the answer is not dealt with correctly you can not only hurt people’s feelings including your own but will upset the whole situation that sometimes cannot be repaired.


Some tips to deal with possible conflict situations:

  • Don’t brush off people’s advice and suggestions badly
  • Acknowledge, thank them for the advice and suggestions and let them know you will think about that
  • Try not to take advice and criticism personally
  • Include parents in and ask not assume give them the respect they deserve you will be surprised how appreciative they will be. Remember they will support you both for many years to come not just on your wedding day. (I know not all parent relationships are not easy but be open minded)
  • Be strict with your budget financial matters can be one of the most explosive matters when planning a wedding so be realistic and try not to get carried away with the spending. Don’t put yourself into financial hardship before your start your married life together.
  • Discuss matters rather than demand
  • Be informative with people involved in your wedding rather than assume. Ask and advise rather demand and advise.


Good old fashion manners will get you everywhere when it comes to planning your wedding.  Consider how you will feel if you were on the receiving end of what you wish family and friends to do for you to help make your day special.  Would you appreciate being demanded to rather than asked?

Not all situations will be happy but eliminating the amount of conflict if not avoiding it all together will make your planning so much easier and less stressful.  It will help your day go smoother and your family guests and wedding party will enjoy your day event more and will be willing to help out as needed.

You can now understand discussing and asking with manners will be more beneficial rather than demanding. 

Avoid becoming the next “BRIDEZILLA” or “GROOMZILLA” enjoy planning your wedding day.  You will be so much more happier if your family and friends enjoy the process with you rather than trying to avoid you and speak unkindly