Table Cloth Hire Melbourne  Looking for a range of table cloths for hire for your function whether its for a wedding, corporate event or private celebration we have a wide range of table cloths to hire.

We have a range of different shapes and size table cloths to hire that include:

  • Round Table Cloths
  • Rectangle Table Cloths
  • Square Table Cloths
  • Fitted Style Rectangle Table Cloths
  • Sequin Table Cloths

Our table cloths are made of polyester material and vary size depending the size of the tables that you required covered.  Not sure what size we can help with helping you choose the table cloth you require by advising us what size table you require covered.

There are some simple mathematics involved in helping choose the right size table cloth for your size or to give you drop lengths that most people ask for.

Round Table  Diameter of the table cloth – Diameter of the table /  2 will give you the drop of the table cloth

300 cm table cloth – 180cm diameter table = 120cm divide 2 will give a 60cm drop right round so if an average table height is 75cm then the table cloth will be 15cm off the ground which is perfect. This is long enough to give a full length look but enough room for guests to place their feet under the table with out getting their feet tangled up in the table cloth being on the floor.

Don’t stress if the mathematics is a little confusing we are here to help if you have the table size we can then work at which table cloth you will need to hire for your function.  All sizing is on our website under each individual item.

We also have a range of colors in our table cloths that include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Silver

The colors vary depending on the type of table cloth you would like as not all the colors come in certain types of table cloth options for example fitted rectangle table cloths and sequin table cloths.

You can find the range of table cloths available for hire on our website under our linen hire section

We also offer a wide range of other linen hire to compliment your table styling that includes:

  • Linen Napkins
  • Table Skirting
  • Table Runners
  • Table Overlays
  • Chair Covers
  • Sashes
  • Lycra Bar Covers

The hire price of our linen includes all the washing and ironing so you no need to do this before returning.  Based on a DIY option the linen can be picked up on the Thursday prior and returned on the Monday.  We do offer delivery and pick up service but do have a minimum spend .  We also offer full setup option subject to please ask when submitting a quotation via our website

Checkout our facebook page for range of weddings and events we setup and part of for inspiration

Table Cloth Hire Melbourne

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