Wedding Table Decor Hire Melbourne. Looking for table decor for your wedding and don’t know where to start?  It’s all about having an idea and breaking down each part of the styling and starting with the basics and creating your ideal table setup.

Be inspired and create with:

  • Chair Covers 
  • Table Cloths
  • Linen Napkins
  • Chairs
  • Charger Plates
  • Centerpieces
table decor hire melbourne


Table Cloth Hire 

Table cloths are no longer just black or white.  Color and textured table cloths are now becoming such a trend when couples are looking for more to their table decor setup.  Table cloths can now match or enhance the table so much more that just the standard expected table cloth.

We have a range of colored table cloths for hire that include  Black, White, Red, Navy and Silver for every day style table cloths .  Sequin table cloths for those more special style tables such as the cake and present tables.



napkin hire melbourne


Chair Hire 

Chair hire is now one of the biggest changes to table decor over the last few years with more and more couples hiring in chairs for their wedding reception.  With wedding receptions expanding from the traditional indoor venue to more and more themed styled venues such as marquees, warehouses, barns, wineries and outdoor locations.  Chair hire is now a big part of the wedding table decor setup.  Couples are hiring in chairs to match in with their venue choice and table decor styling.

We have both White Tiffany Chairs with cushions and White Americana Folding Chairs available for hire that are matching in with our couples table decor styling.


charger plate hire melbourne


Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces where do you start with over million design options can be very overwhelming.  With fresh flowers to candles to anything you like.  A little rule of thumb with choosing centerpieces is how high is the ceiling.  If you have low ceiling venue it’s best choose low style centerpiece as if it is to tall can make the room look smaller.  High ceiling venues the sky is the limit.

We have a range of table centerpieces available for hire,  Maybe you like to do a diy option as we also have a wide range of vases available for hire so your florist or yourself can create your desired centerpieces.  Flower stands are one of the most sort after centerpiece hire items  allowing florists to complete an amazing arrangement on top to give your table decor a tall and floating feel.

wedding decor hire melbourne



Chair Cover Hire

Chair covers can turn many banquet chairs with or without a sash into a formal occasion.  We offer lycra chair covers in both black and white as they are a fitted style chair cover.  The pockets of the chair cover fit into each of the 4 legs of a chair to give the chair that fitted snug look. Lycra is also a stretch material allowing for flexibility in different style banquet chairs.

Chair covers can also provide a cost effective option to chair hire




table cloth hire melbourne


Linen Napkin Hire 

Napkin hire is now becoming an amazing new trend over the last couple of years give table decor a color pop and enhancement that helps complete the overall style.  With a wide range of colors to choose from a colored napkin can change a table look so much without even trying.  Bringing in another color option with a napkin can also create that color theme being created.

We have a wide range of color napkins available for hire in our linen hire range.



wedding chair hire melbourne



Charger Plate Hire

Charger plates create a high end look to table decorating.  They are a decorative item only and not designed to be used as normal plates to eat off.  With so many choices available with charger plates from glass style to plastic style in array of colors and textures.  Table decor is now becoming more and more stylish from wedding to wedding.

We have a couple of choices of charger plates available for hire with our glass beaded charger plates, silver damask charger plates and gold damask charger plates.




table centerpiece hire melbourne

Bit by bit each element of the table now starts to come together to create the most amazing wedding table setup for your guests to enjoy during your wedding reception celebrations.  Remember to allow for all the other elements to the decor that in most cases your venue or caterer will supply that includes but not limited to: 

  • Cutlery and Crockery
  • Glassware 
  • Stationary including name tags and menus
  • Favors
  • Salt and Pepper and butter dishes
  • Bottles of Wine 

To check out our weddings each week jump on over to our facebook page to see what couples are styling for their wedding receptions.


Wedding Table Decor Hire Melbourne